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SO, I thought for sure that I would post over the weekend, but things have been CrAzY!  In fact, things have been so busy and our schedule has been so packed, that I’m a little overwhelmed as to what to write.  There’s just too much!!  My brain is on overload!!

For now, I think I’ll just focus on the past two days.  Yesterday, I finished my second module for the technology academy I am a part of with my school district.  The experience so far has been wonderful and I’m super pumped about all of the new and innovative ideas to try in my own classroom.  I’m amazed by all the new applications that are out there!

One of my assignments was to create a multimedia presentation that illustrates the important roles of teachers and administrators in student success of the NETS (technology standards).  Before you watch it, I must give the disclaimer that I am NOT a trekkie.  However, my dear husband is another story.  So, when I saw this theme as an option, I knew I had to make him proud. ;*)  Without further ado:


I’ve also just started exploring two more sites (faux Facebook) and (faux Twitter).  Socail media is a natural part of our lives and there are countless ways to incorporate social media sites in the classroom.  However, most sites like Facebook and Twitter are blocked at my school, so I am so excited to find these school-friendly alternatives. 🙂  I’ll let you know how it goes when I give them a test drive.


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I'm a sixth grade language arts teacher...not to mention a health nut, world traveler, aspiring author, die-hard romantic, stay-at-home chef, and adoring wife. I also love British television (thanks to my brilliant husband), FRIENDS (I'm slightly [read: completely] obsessed), and all nut butters.

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