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Who is John Ramendez?!

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Sadly, we are now entering the worst time period of the week: Sunday evening.  That window of time when you have to make sure you have everything ready for MONDAY.  That window of time when you realize that the weekend is over and that the blaring of your alarm clock is just around the corner.  Super.  Now, some might argue that Monday morning is the worst, but I disagree.  At least you are so busy rushing around Monday morning that you don’t have time to focus on it, whereas on Sunday evening, you sit and mourn the weekend that was.  Sigh.

Ah, well.  At least it’s been a great weekend.  We’ve just about finished eating all our leavened products, so the manic kitchen cleaning can commence in the week to come!  Nathan also got most of the weeding finished in the flower beds (at least for now), proving yet again that I have the best husband EVER. 🙂  I didn’t do a major couponing trip this weekend (that is yet to come later this week), but I did get a few goodies!  And, not only did I get everything for free, but I even MADE money on a few of the items! 🙂

Basically, I got paid to take these things home! 🙂

I was most excited about the contact solution, because I was almost out AND it retails for $10.00…but I made a dollar profit on it!!  Woo hoo!!

In other news, this morning Nathan and I finally made a small dent in the list of movies on our media player (and by “small dent,” I mean that we watched…um…one…*cough*).  We watched Love Happens with Jennifer Aniston (yay, Rachel!!) and Aaron Eckhart.

If a FRIEND is in it, you know I'll love it!

It was really good.  There are some heavy parts though, so at the end of the movie, our conversation went a little like this:

Me:  I don’t know if I’d really consider it a Romantic Comedy; it’s more like a Romantic Drama.  But, then again, there were a few funny parts.  So, I guess it could be a Romantic Comedy…

Nathan:  Darn you, genre-benders!

Me:  Who??

Nathan:  What?  You know, a genre bender…a movie that doesn’t –

Me: Ohhh, a GENRE-BENDER!  I thought you said, “John Ramendez!”


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I'm a sixth grade language arts teacher...not to mention a health nut, world traveler, aspiring author, die-hard romantic, stay-at-home chef, and adoring wife. I also love British television (thanks to my brilliant husband), FRIENDS (I'm slightly [read: completely] obsessed), and all nut butters.

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  1. Linda Braddock

    Made me LOL!

  2. And I thought my hearing was bad…


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