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The Doctor, Inspiration, and Dulce de Leche…Life Is Gooooood!

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The Doctor is back!!!!  After months of waiting, the new season of Doctor Who has finally begun, and I must say, the premiere did not disappoint.  Of course, Nathan and I watched it right away on Saturday night…and, of course, we both loved it!  The writing is awesome; just as you learn a little more and start to figure out one piece of the puzzle, a whole new mystery opens.  The only downside to watching the episode: now waiting another week to see the next one!!

It’s hard to believe that the Days of Unleavened Bread are over.  I feel like I blinked and the week was gone. :-/  We did have an amazing last day, though.  Services were wonderful and filled with inspiring messages; I definitely left with so much to apply into my own life.   During the lunch break, Nathan took me to a new frozen yogurt place that we hadn’t tried before.  Anyone that knows us knows that we are pretty much OBSESSED with frozen yogurt!  I was excited to see that they had some unique flavors I hadn’t tried before.  While all of them were delicious, my favorite was dulce de leche.  It was amazzzzzzzzzzzzzing!  Irish Mint is still my ultimate fav, but I now have a close runner up, too. 🙂  At any rate, it wasn’t until after we had downed the yummy goodness and were driving away that I realized we didn’t take any pictures…so I have nothing to show for it.  (I’m such a disappointment, I know.)

BUT, lucky for you, our lunch break wasn’t yet over.  We still had plenty of time left before the next church service, so we decided to check out a local nearby park.  We were definitely blessed, because just about all day it was rainy and cloudy…but during the forty minutes that we were in the park, it was sunny and gorgeous! 🙂  However, when we first got to the park, we were pretty underwhelmed…not to mention confused…and one might even say, nervous.  The area we first entered looked like it was the remnants of some bizarre ritual that involved tying people to tiny chairs beside a big bonfire fed by both wood and decrepit bird houses.

What's with all the log "chairs" for tiny, tiny people?! I'm nervous...

Thankfully, once we got through the *ahem* “sanctuary,” the scenery started to improve.  There was a really pretty walking path, and a pond with a waterfall, fountain, and two bridges.  We were also able to enjoy two rose gardens.  It definitely made the trip worth it, and the field of creepiness was forgotten.

Now this is more like it...

It was a little windy, but still, no complaints.  In fact, can I have a lunch break like this EVERY day?!?

I love this guy!! 🙂


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  1. Love the picture! T-minus 3 minutes for our Dr. Who showing. 😀

    • Thanks!! 🙂 I can’t wait to hear what you thought about the episode! Any predictions on what’s to come??

      • I loved it! It was really odd at the beginning, there. And I don’t get the “Dr can’t interfere with his own timeline” since clearly he’s done it before… like in the episode with the soccer player.. which also makes me think, from another episode, I’ve seen that kind of ship before with the hand control like that, where it was luring the people up the stairs to try to find a pilot?
        Those creatures are VERY creepy! Shudder!
        I am completely confused though and can’t wait till next week.

      • Yes, it was neat to see how they brought that ship back and kind of explained why it was left there in the first place. I LOVE how good Moffatt is about leaving a question burning for awhile and then completely tying it all together later. He’s a great writer!

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