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Sweet Serendipity!

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I have the best students EVERRRRRRRR!!! 🙂

And, WHY is that, you ask?  (I know you are in suspense.  Admit it.)  Well, today, one of my students gave me a gift for Teacher Appreciation Week.  That act, in itself, makes him a wonderful and kind student — but, wait, there’s more!  He handed me a brown paper bag and in that bag was a lovely, colorful mug (in which I can’t WAIT to have a steaming cup of Good Earth tea), a few mini bags of Starbucks coffee, AND a $10.oo Starbucks gift card.  Now, I think you see where this is going…

I NOW HAVE TEN DOLLARS TO SPEND AT STARBUCKS!!!  And just what do I need ever so DESPERATELY?!  A Starbucks double-insulated cup of greatness, but of course!

No,, no...Thank YOU!

Let me just summon the Chandler that I know and love and say:  Could there BE more perfect timing?!?


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I'm a sixth grade language arts teacher...not to mention a health nut, world traveler, aspiring author, die-hard romantic, stay-at-home chef, and adoring wife. I also love British television (thanks to my brilliant husband), FRIENDS (I'm slightly [read: completely] obsessed), and all nut butters.

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