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Are my eyes even open?

So, how do you know when a new school year has begun?

I’m not seen online for a solid three weeks, that’s how.

The school year is now in full swing, and I am completely exhausted!!  I’ve been working 12 hour days Monday through Friday, and sometimes on Sundays, too (Oh yes, I’ll be there all afternoon today).  I’m going to have to change SOMETHING, because I am already getting burnt out, and that will never do.

SO, due to the fact that I’m barely cognitive at this point, I’ll be keeping this post short.  I just wanted to let everyone know that YES, I am still keeping a blog…BUT, my posts might be fewer and far between if my work schedule stays like this all year.  I also wanted to post pictures of the new rain gutter bookshelves that my amazing husband installed for me in my classroom just before school started.

He was even kind enough to paint them for me, too.  Yep, he’s a keeper.

Here they are drying in the sweltering Texas sun. NOTE: Don't leave them to dry too long or some might get a little warped on the edges. We learned this the hard way.

Mr. Manly McManlykins

“Rain gutter bookshelves?!  Why, however did you come up with such an amazing idea??” you ask.  Well, I’m just that brilliant, folks.

Actually,  I can’t take full credit for the idea…in fact, I really can’t take any credit.  I discovered the idea through a blog written by a mom who made them for her kids’ bedrooms.  She also has several other really creative ideas for around the home, so her blog is definitely worth reading if you are into DIY projects. 🙂  For example, I am super intrigued by her idea for a magnetic wall.  How cool would THAT be in my classroom?!…I’m thinking that might be my project for next summer.

IF I’m still sane by then. 😉

On that note, I’ll leave you with a photo of the shelves in my classroom with books and all…



About tgilchrist

I'm a sixth grade language arts teacher...not to mention a health nut, world traveler, aspiring author, die-hard romantic, stay-at-home chef, and adoring wife. I also love British television (thanks to my brilliant husband), FRIENDS (I'm slightly [read: completely] obsessed), and all nut butters.

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  1. They turned out great!! I can’t wait to try it out at our new place. 🙂

    • Thanks! They were super easy to install, too. I mean, Nathan did it for me, so I guess that’s easy for me to say, lol…BUT it definitely didn’t take him long. I can’t wait to see how yours turn out AND I can’t wait to see pics of your new place!

  2. Ooooo… they look so cool! Great job! And Mr. Manlykins? Hee hee… Nateburger…


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