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Deep Dive: Module Two

I really enjoyed this module.  I have used Wikispaces with my students in the past,  but was very curious to see how the Moodle wiki operated so I could compare and contrast the two.  There are pros and cons to each, but I definitely like the aspect of having the wiki within Moodle, so that it is more easily accessible for my students.

Just as in the last module, unpacking the standards helped me tremendously.  When simply reading the standards, they are just words on a page.  I understand them academically, but putting them into action is different story.  Taking the time to think of HOW that standard would look in a “real classroom” is priceless.  I also loved being able to read and grow from the ideas of my peers.  When reading through the wiki for each standard, I gained many new ideas for how each standard should look in action.

As an educator, it is vital that I truly understand each aspect of the NETS standards.  There are countless situations in which they are needed.  For example, cyberbullying has become a distinct problem in our digital age.  We must teach our students how to use technology responsibly and respectfully.  I can use my knowledge of the NETS-T standards to aid me in dealing with cyberbullying.  Consider the NETS-T Standard 4: Promote and Model Digital Citizenship and Responsibility.  By following this standard, I would plan ahead to not only discuss proper digital citizenship but also model it for them and show them what it looks like in action.  By setting this foundation, the students would know their responsibilities beforehand.  This would help diffuse any possible incidents of cyberbullying from occurring.  In addition, if a situation were to occur, I could refer back to the foundation that had been set and clearly demonstrate to the student(s) what changes would need to be made in his or her behavior as a digital citizen.  They would grow to understand WHY digital citizenship is important and really “own” the importance of being responsible in the digital world.


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