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Module One Reflection

Completing the first case study as well as part one of the action plan gave me the opportunity to truly spend some time with the Essential Conditions Rubric and consider it at depth.  I found this to be extremely helpful, as it gave me clear and succinct areas on which to focus.  It is certain to play a major role in my planning as I strive to prepare my students to be future ready.

I try to incorporate technology as much as possible with my students.  This year has been a new experience now that each of our sixth graders has his or her own netbook.  The possibilities are endless! 🙂  I’ve been able to keep a lot of their routine assignments (reading logs, reading reflections, book reviews) online, with the use of Moodle and DestinyQuest.  Through this academy, I also just discovered Diigo, and am already planning ways to begin using it with my students in the coming weeks.  I’d LOVE any thoughts or suggestions from those who have already used it successfully.  I send an electronic newsletter to my parents each week via MailChimp (which I adore), and students and parents can also follow me on Twitter.

There are so many innovative tools out there; at times it can be overwhelming.  In fact, the biggest challenge I’ve found so far is attempting to determine HOW to do all the things I’d like to do with the limited time that I have, all the while still keeping it purposeful and effective.  I’m excited to have the chance to work with others and hear what works for them and what suggestions they have.  I know it is sure to help me develop even more ways to successfully incorporate technology into my classroom.


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  1. I’m going to be playing around with Diigo too. We’ll have to share ideas when we use it.

    I’m so glad you shared the MailChimp. Last year I made newsletters to go home with my students, but I think this sounds like a great way to use technology and save paper… See you at school next week!

    • OH, you will LOVE MailChimp!!! I send out a newsletter to my parents once a week, and it makes it a breeze! Plus, there are so many fun pictures and formats to choose from, and the stats are a nice bonus.

      I definitely want to swap Diigo ideas. I have so many ideas swimming in my head that I get a little overwhelmed of HOW to make it all happen. Having you across the hall will be a comfort.


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